The goals of MECAH are to:

  • Interest readers in the cultural diversity of Milwaukee and its surrounding communities.
  • Produce products that fit one or more of these arts and humanities: history, anthropology/archaeology, folk art, art history, museums, literature (including poetry and fiction), language, architecture, and religion.
  • Target the products to lay audiences of all ages (e.g., non academic).

Products that relate to urban centers of southeast Wisconsin and highlight cultural diversity will be considered, and can include any of the following:

  • Nonfiction books (e.g., small museums in southeastern Wisconsin, the history of Pentecostal churches in Milwaukee).
  • Fiction books (e.g., a mystery set in Milwaukee, a book for young people with a local immigration theme).
  • Documentaries (e.g., the Irish of southeastern Wisconsin; a reproduction of a play with a Milwaukee theme).

About us